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Natex Machinery

Coolant Recycling System

Fluid Recycling for the Metal Working Industry

We are a manufacturing company who designs, builds and services equipment for “recycling” industrial fluids.

Our clients extend the use of their fluids, thereby reducing their operating costs and minimizing their impact on the environment.

This coolant recycling system is designed for shops with multiple machines.

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Additional Accessories



Magnetic Separators

LOSMA™ Model DMD Magnetic Separators require no consumable product. Particulate separation is achieved through the use of a series of rotating magnetic discs. 100% of the fluid is channelled to ensure a timed contact with discs which reclaim 98% of all ferrous materials regardless of size.

Download our Magnetic Separator Brochure PDF

Download our Magnetic Separator Combo Brochure PDF

Paper Bed Filters

With the LOSMA™ Model DTE, filtration is obtained by gravity feeding fluid through a high quality fabric. The fabric is automatically advanced through the paper bed filter while removing the residue into a slurry tank, leaving the fluid clean, ready for reuse.

Download our Paper Bed Filters Brochure PDF

Filter Housings

Fluid is forced under pressure through a housing containing a filter bag for fines and swarf removal. The degree of filtration may be altered by choosing filter bags of varying micron ratings, typically from 1 to 100 microns. Filtration of through-the-tool coolant is one ideal application for a filter housing. Available in sizes from 7-180 USGPM.

Download our Filter Housing Brochure PDF