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DX Schnell

  • High Speed Liner Guide Double Column Machine Center
  • Bed supported by two Linear rail guide ways
  • X/Y/Z-axis Swiss made Schneeberger linear technologie moition system

Applicable Industries:

  • 3C Industry
  • Precission mold processing
  • Medium and small steel mold, mold base.
  • Automotive interior processing
  • All kinds of small and medium-sized machine industrial processing.

Travels: 2.2m to 4.2m X-axis
1.6m to 2m Y axis
Between the columns 1.7m to 2m



DX-2216 /20 DX-2716 / 20 DX-3216 / 20 DX-4216 / 20
X axis mm 2,200 2,700 3,200 4,200
Y axis mm 1,600 / 2,000
Zaxis mm 800 / (1,000 -opt)
Distance from Spindle nose to table mm 150-950 / (150 – 1,150-opt)
Distance between two Columns mm 1,700 / 2,100
Working Table
Table Length mm


2,500 3,000 4,000
Table Width mm 1,400 / 1,700
T-Slot (width x number x pitch) mm 22x7x180 / 22x9x180
Table Load kg 8,000 9,000 10,000 12,000
Spindle Motor kW 18.5/22 (22/26 opt.)
Spindle Speed (gear type) rpm 4,500(6,000 opt.)
Spindle Taper BT50 / ISO 50 / CAT 50
Rapid Feed-rate (X/Y/Z) m/min 12/12/15 (24/24/15 opt.) 10/12/15 (18/24/15 opt.)
Cutting Feed-rate mm/min 7,000 / (10,000-opt.)
Positioning Accuracy (JIS) mm ±0.005/300:±0.015 / full travel
Positioning Accuracy (VDI 3441) mm 0.030 0.035
Positioning Repeatability (JIS) mm ±0.003
Positioning Repeatability (VDI 3441) mm 0.025 0.028
Tool magazine capacity pcs 32 (24/40/60-opt.)
Max. tool size (full tool/next pocket empty) mm 125 / 245
Max. tool length mm 400
Max. tool weight kg 20
Power Required kVA 65
Machine Weight (approx.) tons 19 /21 12 / 23 23 / 25 27 /29
Machine Length (approx.) mm 7,600 8,600 9,600 11,600
Machine Width (approx.) mm 5,600 / 6,100
Machine Height (approx.) mm 4,700


DX Formula

Manual clamping / automatic indexing head
(minimum index unit: 5°)
MC 5-face milling head
(Limited on FS/DX/PC/LG/LS series)
Vertical / Horizontal ATC unit is not included.
MHC unit includes:
1.Pendant arm (Swing arm head station )
2.MC 5-face milling head
3.Vertical tool change unit

FCS Table

Additional Accessories


Boosting Efficient Mold Machining High Feed Rates! Fast Cutting!

  • Dual R55 roller type linear guide ways in X and Y axis.
  • Standard box way or optional linear guide way

Applicable Industries

  • 3C industry
  • Precision mold machining
  • Automotive industry
  • Small to medium-sized workpiece machining



Category Description DX Series
Controller FANUC 0i-MF controller  
FANUC 31i-MB controller  
MITSUBISHI M70 controller  
SIEMENS 840D controller  
HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 controller  
Spindle 18.5/22 kW spindle motor  
22/26 kW spindle motor  
4,200rpm 2-step gear drive spindle  
4,500rpm 2-step gear drive spindle  
6,000rpm 2-step gear drive spindle  
8,000/10,000rpm direct drive spindle  
Z travel extension / higher column Z travel 800mm  
Z travel 1000mm  
Z travel 1200mm  
Z travel 1500mm  
100mm heightened column (standard Z travel)  
200mm heightened column (standard Z travel)  
300mm heightened column (standard Z travel)  
400mm heightened column (standard Z travel)  
500mm heightened column (standard Z travel)  
1000mm heightened column (standard Z travel)  
ATC Automatic Tool Changer 32 tools  
Automatic Tool Changer 24 tools  
Automatic Tool Changer 40/60 tools  
Automatic Tool Changer 90 tools  
Splash guard Semi splash guard  
Fully enclosed splash guard (roof excluded)  
Fully enclosed splash guard (roof included)  
Mechanical X/Y/Z axes absolute pulse coder  
Rigid tapping  
Twin hydraulic cylinders  
Nitrogen balancing system  
Automatic lubrication system  
Spindle oil cooler  
Air blast through spindle  
Manual Pulse Generator  
Working lamp  
3-color alarm lamp  
RS-232 interface  
Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet  
Water gun and air gun interface  
Cutting coolant system  
Twin auger chip removal system  
Belt type chip conveyor with cart  
X axis Heidenhain Linear Scale
3 axes manual pulse generator for mold processing  
Coolant through spindle at 20/40/70 bar  
Coolant through tool holder interface  
Air conditioner for electrical cabinet  
Oil skimmer  
Oil mist collector  
Others Leveling bolts & blocks  
Tool box  
CE norm  
Measurement Heidenhain Linear Scale  
Automatic tool measuring system  
Automatic work piece measuring system  
4th axis function CNC Rotary table  
4th axis preparation  
Milling head function Manual: 90° angular milling head/ high speed 2-axis milling head/
universal head/ extend head/ boring head
Semi-automatic: 90° angular milling head/ 2-axis head/
extend head/ boring head -V/H ATC and AHS inapplicable
Automatic: 90° angular milling head/ 2-axis head/ extend head/ boring head  
Vertical/Horizontal Automatic Tool Changer (40/60/90 tools)  
Manual Head Station (Table type)  
Manual Head Station (Arm type)  
Automatic Head Station  

  -Standard /   -Optional /   -Inapplicable /   -Depending on the model