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GC Series

  • High efficiency single spindle, double spindles and multiple spindles gun drilling machine.
  • Suitable for center hole machining.
  • Suitable for various cylindrical parts machining, suchas mold accessories, automotive parts and hydraulic parts, etc.
  • Custom machine specifications are available to meet specific machining requirements.


GC-1000S2 GC-1000S2D GC-1500S2 GC-1500S2D GC-2000S GC-2000SD
Drilling dia. ø3~25 mm ø3~30 mm (opt. ø4~40 mm)
Drilling depth 500 mm 1,000 mm 1,500 mm 2,000 mm
Z-axis travel 1,200 mm 1,600 mm 2,200 mm 2,800 mm
Controller Fanuc / Mitsubishi
Spindle speed 10~8,000 rpm
Spindle motor 7.5 kw
Z-axis motor  3.5 kw  2.0 kw
Cooler capacity 12,500~15,000 kcl/hr

7,500~9,000 kcl/hr

Drum type paper filter 360 l/min 200 l/min

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

FCS Table

Additional Accessories