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NTC Laser

TLH Series 5-Axis Fiber Laser

3D five-axis, cantilever-design fiber laser cutting machine.

Compatible for mass production in in-line application and can meet system requirements. A compact head is employed for ultrahigh speed machining.

Highly rigid machines produced by a machine tool manufacturer that allow the opening of one side of the machine have improved accessibility.

The feature provides dramatically superior operability and workability.

Specification items TLH-408N TLH-415N
Column vertical travel[X-axis stroke] 2,500 mm (98.4″) 4,500 mm (177.0″)
Optical head front/back travel[Y-axis stroke] 1,150 mm(49.2″) 1,250 mm(45.27″)
Vertical travel of optical head [Z-axis stroke] 500 mm(19.68″)
Traverse angle of optical head [C-axis stroke] ±360°
Traverse angle of optical head [A-axis stroke] ±135°
Rapid traverse [XYZ axes] 100,000 mm(3,937″) /min
Rapid traverse[CA axes] 540°/sec
Machining feed rate [XYZ axes] 40,000 mm (1,574 “) /min
Machining feed rate[CA axes] 360°/sec
Drive motor AC servo
Drive mechanism Precision rack
Positioning accuracy within ±0.05/500 mm (±0.002″)
Floor Space(without machine enclosure)[LxWxH] 5,020 x 3,000 x 3,640 mm 197.6″ x 118.1″x143.3″ 7,100 x 3,000 x 3,400 mm 279.5″x118.1″x133.8″


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